Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A few years ago at the antique show in downtown Mt. Dora I picked up these two silk prints that appealed to me.  I did not know what I would do with them and just brought them home and put them in a drawer.

I was cleaning out the dresser where I found a couple of the baby sets and came across the prints. We re-decorated our family room recently and I needed pictures to put over my leather sofa.  My daughter and I decided they would make good pictures for that spot.  We were lucky to find 2 frames in brown wood that matched the other wood in the room and were a good fit.

I was scared to iron them as they were fragile so just framed them the way they were.  We used 1" double sided tape around the perimeter and stuck it down to cream mat board.  They were a B to stick down and keep straight as once it touched it could not be moved.  Took the two of us holding our breath to do as good as we did.  All in all they look good enough plus they are old and should not be perfect.counties of Suffolk and Norfolk and exactly what the areas produced during the war. They are really wonderfl as they show  ow many acreages of different foods farmed  including one quarter of all the sugar ration for the entire country. I hope you can enlarge them enough to be able to read them..



Maggi said...

They look great.I bet that a modern map of the two counties would look very different.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are a treasure and it's wonderful to have them on display where you can enjoy them.