Thursday, July 5, 2012


I should be ashamed to tell you all that I have been cleaning out cupboards, drawers, under the bed chests, etc.and am continually surprised by what I have found that I haven't thought about in years.  I have way too much stuff and am trying to sort out and get rid of a lot of it this summer.  Some I have found homes for and lots of stuff will go to the Salvation Army.  I just redecorated my family room and my sofa and love seat went to the SA.  It was still in good condition but I was tired of it after all these years but someone will be happy to have it.

The title Baby Time is a drawer and box where I found a bunch of baby sweater sets that I had started years ago when my son and daughter were having their families.  I made items for my son's son and daughter then there was a lull and my daughter started.  I started knitting again and especially for a little girl.  Well along came boy #1, boy#2 and finally - yes - boy #3.  All the girl's sets were just put away some not finished and I was knitting mainly for little guys.
My son had another boy a few years later and that was it for them.  Still not another girl- 5 boys and 1 girl we had.

I have been working on finishing the sets, adding ribbon to the bonnets, etc.  I have taken pics of 2 I made.  The pink set and the peach set were made by me.  The little turquoise sweater was made by either my Mom or my MIL - I cannot remember who gave it to me. I have another set or two that need buttons and then I will be finished.  I am giving them to my daughter as custodian for the next generation.  Hopefully some little girls will come along.

The Special Olympics scarf program that I have knitted for the last few years had such an excess last year that they are suspending it for 2012 and using the scarfs they now have.  I am going to buy some blue yarn and start a few baby sets for boys.  They have some darling patterns out now for children so will add blue to the mix.  Who knows if I will be around or still able to knit when the next group arrive.  Our oldest is just 18 and in college and the youngest 2 are 9.

Hope you all had a great 4th. of July. We went as usual to our SIL's parents for their 16th. year of having a huge party.  Fun was had by all.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are all so pretty Freda - I'm glad you're planning to keep them in the family. I keep hoping that there will be an 'announcement' in my family so I can start making baby things, but not yet.

deanna7trees said...

nice to be able to pass these down to the next generation. they are all so sweet.

Maggi said...

They are very pretty Freda and I'm glad that you are handing them on for the next generation.

Anonymous said...

They're all so precious, Freda. I love the colors.

karen said...

these are way too cute.....making me broody!!