Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have a few more pictures from the retreat to share with you.  Next time I do this I will try and get the person's name along with the pic.  I should also explain what kind of retreat this is.  There are no classes and teachers - now saying that with the quality of the gals that are attending there should not be anything you would like to learn that someone cannot help you with.  Mary Anne arranged for us to rent this very large meeting room and we all shared the cost of it.  the retreat ran from Tues. until sun. am and some were there all the time and others arrived and left when they had to.  We split the cost of the room and it was only $30.00 each for the full five days.  They were very helpful bringing in extra chairs, tables, etc. whatever was needed. The only other cost was your transportation and your room in which case most gals shared with another so that kept the cost down.  Some bought machines to stitch and others hand sewing.  There is a tremendous amount of shopping for CQers in that area and the girls made good use of the stores.  If you flew in there was always someone with a car who would take you along.

The above pictures show 2 new quilts that Martha Green (shown in the pic on the right) has made.  They were both typical Martha and were to die for.  The one in the second picture is Martha's CQJP project for this year.  In Martha's words "it makes me too nervous to have something unfinished so I just had to do the whole year") and if you are counting I believe there are 16 blocks in total.  She made extra to get the size she 
The third picture is of a Boho Bag made by one of the gals from the Kansas group.  No name again but for you readers that get Pat Winter's CQ magazine I was told that this was in the Spring issue.  It was beautiful and I am sure the magazine pictures did it farmore justice then mine above.


Maggi said...

Amazing quilts. What a talented lady.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - wonderful pictures! Would love to have seen these in person.