Monday, July 2, 2012


We are suffering through another week of high 90 temps.  One day last week it was 103 at Midway airport.
Needless to say we are just staying in and staying cool.  I had been asking my gardener guys to come and dig out one flower bed where we removed a large tree a couple of years ago.  Now it gets sun most of the day and it was filled mainly with hostas of various color and size. They were huge from all the sun.  One called Big Blue was about 4 feet across.  Well after about 6 weeks they came last week and moved them all to other areas of the yard that are in shade.  I want to replant the empty space but with this heat I am afraid anything I replanted would not take.  I want to put a couple of small roses in there, some Hollyhocks along the fence and some pretty flowers to brighten up the spot.  I went to the nursery and looked at the Hollyhocks they had and they were about 6' tall and all twisty.  At $8.00 a pot I would have needed about 6 or 50.00 worth and so decided to wait and just put in seeds next spring when we return.  I have heard they grow well from seed so will see.  If anyone knows anything about growing them I would appreciate the info.

This beautiful picture was done by another of the Kansas group.  No name again.  It was actually one of Di Van Niekirk's  embroidery panels and then she crazy quilted all around with colors pulled from the pic.  It was very nicely done.

I have 3 of Di' panels that I have started working on but haven't got very far.  They are the ones from her books and are made up of various birds, flowers, etc.  After seeing this I think I should get going and try and work on them.  I left them in Florida so next winter will be good to do that.


Maggi said...

Another gorgeous piece. Can't help you with hollyhocks I'm afraid. I can never manage to grow them. Either the slugs get to them first or they succumb to rust.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hollyhocks generally self-seed - so I think I would try planting them in the late fall.

Quayceetatter said...

Love Di Van Niekirk's creation and this person did a great job embroidering and CQ around the picture!! Hollies do seed themselves. I have some deep red seeds if you would like some..
Linda in NM

Allison Aller said...

Thanks for the report and pictures about the great retreat last month, Freda. I really enjoyed it, and wish I had been there with you all..xoxo allie