Wednesday, July 11, 2012


On Sunday we lost a great pal to my daughter's family.  His name was Bauer and he was part of their family for about 6 years.  He was only 8 years old and died Sunday when he suffered a stroke and seizures.

My daughter and family were invited up to a friends cottage in Wisconsin and they left Sat. afternoon and Bauer went to Doggie Day Care where he had been before and where they take very good care of the pets.
Well on Sunday morning the owner and trainer thought he didn't look right and his gums were very pale. He started having seizures.  He was getting the car around to run him to the local emergency vet and when he went inside to get him Bauer was gone.  He tried calling Sue when he first discovered he wasn't well but her phone was in her purse because they were all tubing and water skiing.  It wasn't until they were in the car getting ready to drive home that she checked her phone and saw his messages.  They went directly there and Sue, Jon and their oldest Kyle went in to see him and the owner was very kind to say he would handle getting him to the vets Monday morning as he knew they were in shock over the news.

Their first dog was Teddy who was a golden retriever.  Teddy was theirs before the boys were born so all 3 boys grew up with Teddy.  When Teddy died at age 12 they had to go through all the agony of .vet visits and when they learned she had cancer it was how far to carry treatments and in the end when to let go.

Bauer was the dog who they adopted from a rescue for labs and he was great with the kids and the house right from the start.and the only problem was you had to watch your food if you set something down it was gone in a flash.  I laugh when I think of him doing this.  He would look at you as he slunk away with that sly look.

It was a blessing that this happened when the boys were not home alone with him.  It would have been very traumatic for them so that is one blessing.

I think of the wonderful home he had with acres to run in and 3 boys to play with.  He ended his last years in a very nice life.  Good Bye Bauer.  You will be missed.


Pat Winter said...

Freda, I'm sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose a four legged family member. I'm still struggling day to day without my Angell.I hope you find comfort in the memories made. He was a lucky boy to have had a family like yours.
Gentle hugs,

Maggie R said...

Freda... Losing your pal is so hard..So sorry...
He was a beautiful dog.... that breed is so lovable..
We had a Scotch Terrier "Angus" that we loved dearly and had so much fun with.. When we lost him at 9 yrs. from cancer, our hearts were broken. We just felt we could not go through that again so we have remained "petless"
I am often tempted but not yet...
Good memories will bring a smile :)))

Maggi said...

So Sorry for your loss Freda. It's always hard to lose a family pet but I hope that everyone can take comfort in the fact that he had all those happy years.

Gina E. said...

Oh Freda, I am sorry....much loved family pets are missed just as much as humans when they die. But he had a reasonably long life by the sound of it, and you have some lovely memories, and no doubt heaps of photos and videos.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so sorry - I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. You've written a wonderful eulogy for him.