Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today's post is about a wonderful stitcher named Addie Mangoian Davis. About a month ago I was contacted by a friend from my smocking days who knew I did crazy quilting and she asked if I would join her demonstrating cq stitches at the Highland Park Historical Society in Highland Park, IL. HP is on the north shore of Chicago and home to the famed Ravinia outdoor concert venue.

I said I would and when I arrived and saw the wonderful exhibit of Addie's work I was so glad I had been asked. Otherwise I would not have known about her and/or the exhibit.

I have copied 2 pics from the brochure they were giving out and hopefully you will be able to read about this lady. Click on the pics to enlarge enough to read.

The funny thing that happened was it got my interest raging to make a copy of an old
cq with just fancy stitching and embroidery but not a lot of embellishments like we are currently using. The beauty of Addie's quilts is that they were made from 1980 when she started until the present and yet when I looked at them I would have sworn they were dated from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Yesterday I pulled out a couple of cq books for ideas to get me going and I had the Penny McMorris book and was looking through it. I got near the end and what did I see but 4 pages about Addie and her quilts. They showed 2 different ones. I did not remember ever seeing them in the book before but of course the name would not have meant anything to me. Apparently she and Ms. McMorris corresponded and she must have been asked to contribute to her "now famous" book.

It is going to be hard 1) piecing by hand which I have never done before and 2) hold myself to very little embellishment except stitching. I remember when I did 2 blocks for Cindy Thury Smith to replicate an old quilt for her Historical Society that it was hard to stick to strictly stitching. Well we will see after I have pieced the first block whether I will continue or give up the idea. Watch for future announcements - haha.


Maggi said...

First of all, congratulations on being invited to demonstrate. I am glad that you have decided to do another crazy quilt as I love your work. What amazing prices Addie paid for her silk fabric - it must have been something quite special.

Gina E. said...

You've struck a chord with me, Freda. As much as I admire embellishment on CQ, and treasure the ones I own which were done by Pam, I actually like the simply stitched CQ just as much. The CQ gown I bought at an opshop is just feather stitching, and it shows off all the fabrics without the distraction of excessive embellishment.