Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am back to knitting scarves again for the Special Olympic Game participants in 2012.
This year the color is a cherry red and bright navy. I only watch tv for 2 hours or so a night and this is when I knit or if I was travelling in the car like when we go to Florida I will knit. Last year I did not hear about this project until early Jan. and I knit until it was time to send them. IL had fulfilled their quota but MN needed many more so I packed them up and sent them to MN.

I am on #10 now and hope to use up all the wool I bought before Florida and will pack up what I have done and mail them off. When in Florida I will buy more yarn and knit again until the end of Jan.

If anyone who reads this likes to knit you can just go to Google and put in special Olympic scarf and it will give you all the info plus patterns. I really liked the rib pattern I did last year for some of the older guys and am doing it again this year. You can also crochet any pattern you like as long as you use the 2 colors specified and the size should be approx. 6" wide and 54 - 60" in length. It is for a wonderful cause.


Wendy said...

You go Freda! What a great cause to knit for and you're on number 10!! Well done you.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are great and I'm sure the athletes will be thrilled to have them. I must do some research and see if they do this for the Canadian athletes too.

Maggi said...

Lovely colours and what a good cause.