Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A couple of saturdays ago I stopped at a garage sale on the way home from water aerobics.I don't go out looking for them but if there is one on the streets I pass then I will sometime stop. This time I did and it was a young man who was clearing out his Mother and father's home that he is now living in. He had no idea on prices and every time I would pick something up and ask he would say just take it. Well I began to feel bad and told him he wasn't going to make any money if he kept giving everything away. Well we settled on me taking a carton and putting in all I wanted and then he said give me what you think it is worth. Well I did spy an old Royal typewriter like the one I had just found for my daughter and he had $5.00 on it. I grabbed it for myself but it needs a new ribbon and I have to order one or find one somewhere. They sell generic ones so may try one of those. Back to the box - the bottom was filled with new spools of 3" wide very nice Christmas ribbon and I proceeded to add a bunch to it. His Mother had dabbled in a lot of things and I bought 3-4 pair of good scissors including 2 pair of pinking shears. I have to go back and look at my pics because I can't remember what all I got. All the ribbon went to my daughter who can use it to decorate her home.
Well sorry folks I thought I had taken pics but I cannot seem to find them.

I did give him 25.00 for what was in the box and 5.00 for the typewriter. Maybe he made out better that way.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi..thanks for stopping by.. I don't expect the glass frame to make it past the first few minutes but I will certainly let you know. sometimes we are surprised in our thinking...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

One of those typewriters is what I learned on in high school. I remember doing all those repetitive exercises and me developing my own 'method' to avoid using my pinkie finger on one hand (it wasn't strong enough to push those keys). Oh the joy when we finally graduated to the electric versions!