Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We have had a lot of rain this year and then along came July with temps in the high 90's hitting 100 one day. The one good thing about all the rain is that it is wonderful for all the trees, shrubs,grass which are all looking good. Also a bumper crop of weeds. I mentioned earlier that I had 2 hydrangea bushes around the side of my house each side of the air conditioner unit. They had never had a flower on them since we moved in 15 years ago. This year they both had flowers. They started out blue and are gradually changing. My bush in the front of the house just exploded with flowers this year. It is one of the Endless Summer ones that bloom on both old and new wood. I have had a few blooms each year but this year is unbelievable to me.
It is about 5-6 years old so maybe it just took its time.

I took my camera out the other morning and took a few pics. Every year I buy a hibiscus tree and they bloom wonderfully all summer long. Around about the 4th. of July this poor tree had hardly a leaf left on it. I think it was just too much water. I almost threw it out but then thought I would just let it stay there and see what happens. Well one month later it is covered in both leaves and blooms. The rains slowed down and the heat came on and so did the tree.

The impatients in the flower boxes and in baskets are doing well but the ones in the ground are just sitting there not looking any bigger then when I planted them back in May & June. Guess you win some and lose some.


Maggi said...

Your hydrangeas are looking so healthy. Lovely photos

Gina E. said...

The same thing is happening to gardens here - we have had more rain in the past 12 months than we have had in the past 12 years! Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it sure feels like it. The end result on Aussie gardens is mass increase in size of flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. - whatever grows in soil has doubled in size in a few weeks!