Thursday, August 11, 2011


The weather here today is just beautiful. Sunny and 75 degrees inside and out. I went down to WalMart and bought the last 5 of their bags of mulch. I bought 8 bags last week and pulled weeds in a front bed where I planted new hydranges this year. I used mushroom compost and the weeds just thrived. I spent an hour or two pulling weeds then filled it with mulch plus around the roses in front. Hopefully this will keep down the weeds. Thank goodness I enjoy gardening. Today I spread the 5 bags around the side of the house and it just disappears. I could use another 10 bags or more so will have to hit Lowes or Home Depot and get more.

On my way home from water aerobics on Sat. mornings I pass so many garage sales. I have stopped at a few and had fun making some purchases. I took a few pics of some doilies and especially the heart shaped pansy one. I have seen so many in the round shape and have cut many apart for the pansies but have never seen one heart shaped before. I don't think I could cut this apart so will have to use it in something where the whole piece will go.

I have a collection of M.A. Hadley pottery from Louisville, Ky. I started it many years ago and always stopped at the pottery on our way to Florida and back in the old days. I have the collection down in Florida now - it was bought for our cottage in Wisconsin and I saved it. Glad I did. Well I stopped at one garage sale and nothing there for me until I spied a quart Hadley jug. $3.00. Probably 25-30$ even at the factory store. I couldn't believe it. The pattern is different from mine but the colors are always the same. Mine is the farmer and his wife plus all the animals. This one will fit right in.

Also found a little cheese set that I can use for a small cloche display. I can picture a little bird nest and bird, etc. under the glass.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Some more lovely finds - I've never seen a heart shaped doily,

Gina E. said...

You are finding some neat stuff in your travels! The heart shaped doiley is so lovely; I'm glad you are not going to destroy it. I can understand cutting up the average crocheted item that has been mass produced in China or the Phillipines, but that little heart is quite unique.

fairyrocks said...

Freda, Just popping in to say thanks for the beautiful tag. (birdsong swap) Love the branch and distressing- gorgeous!!
Keep smiling and creating. I too consider weeds to be my nhemiss LOL

Maggi said...

Lovely doilies. I have never seen a heart shaped one before either.

Josie said...

Hi Freda!

Remember me.....from the CQ Retreat in Colorado? You have a great blog........I love all your garage sale finds!!! Happy 50th Anniversary!!! May you and DH have many, many more!!! Josie in Texas