Monday, August 1, 2011


We had another family get together at my daughter's home on Sat. to celebrate her oldest son Kyle's 16th. birthday. There were 15 of us there - missing a few usual friends and relatives. Kids coming and going to camp, etc. It was a great time except very hot so we did the whole party inside except the younger kids wanted to eat out by themselves so we were happy to let them. 2 8 year olds sitting at one table on the lower deck chattering away about who knows what and the 4 older cousins sitting at the upper patio. Finished off with cake and ice cream. Can't beat that.

When we arrived home I picked up the mail from the box and there was my packet of tags from Karla Nathan and the birdsong swap. Karla does a wonderfl job on these swaps and it must be a ton of work for her. I opened mine and Karlas was right on top of the bunch followed by 7 others. Each one so different from the others and all gorgeous. So many good ideas to learn from. I took pictures you have seen above. Hope you enjoy them also.

I threw in a picture of my hydrangeas with some variegated hosta leaves.


Maggi said...

The bird tags are beautiful. I really like the hydrangeas with the hosta leaves, so simple yet so effective.

carole brungar said...

Very pretty tags!!