Monday, March 14, 2011


I have been trying to work on my large quilt and one of the drawbacks for me is because I have no idea where I will put it when finished. I kept looking at it and took it out - put down the black fabric - and laid all the blocks the way they are shown on the calender. I just could not get excited about it. I thought maybe I should make them into seperate panels and use them wherever they would fit that way. Today our sewing group met and it was at my house. I was showing them the finished squares and the middle and voiced my doubts. 2 gals who quilt very well tradionally both said why don't you make them into panels. That did it. I finally trimmed all 12 blocks and laid them out in 3 rows of 4 blocks and started to pin them together. I am not going to put any black between them just around the edge and am not sure yet how much border to put around. Should I just bind them with say a 1/2" binding and nothing else? or should I do a 1" - 1 1/2" border around each and then bind? I would appeciate your ideas on this. I would end up with 3 panels and the approx. 24" middle square. the 3 panels could be hung side by side with the square above them or 1 panel on each side of the square and 1 panel going sideways across the top. The way the blocks are this would not be a prob lem as they can be viewed from any side. I believe about now you all are as sick of this as I am.

A little family fun here. The fist pic is of my Sweet Sixteen (in feb.) grandaughter going to a dance at her school. She is a sophamore. She is shown with her little brother Tommy who is 8.
I love her dress.
The next pic is of my two little 8 year old grandsons. The one on the left is my daughter's boy Luke and the guy on the right is my son's boy Tommy. They belong to an Indian guides program thru the YMCA which is for fathers and sons. It was Pinewood Derby on Sun. and Luke came in 2nd. and Tommy 3rd. so both won little trophys. They are great little friends who live right near each other, go to the same school and were in kindergarden and grade 1 together but in grade 2 they are now in different classrooms. They are all growing up too fast.

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maggi said...

What a lovely colour the dress is. You have great grandchildren. Making panels was such a good suggestion as you are likely to get far more use out of your blocks that way, and they deserve to be seen. As for the border and binding, try putting the fabric where you think it should go and take photos. It is often easier to see the right way by doing this.