Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It seems like all I do is go to flea markets but only 2 really and sometimes I miss either one or the other. The main one is Renningers on Sat. or Sun. morning and the other is the Eustis flea market that is held in the Lake County Fairgrounds every Thurs. morning 8-1. They have a whole covered area of produce and that is where we go to mainly buy all our fruits and vegetables. Much cheaper then the supermarkets around here. Can you believe 1.00 or 1.25 for 1 grapefruit at the supermarket in Florida where they are falling off the trees. This includes the Super Wal-Mart. Not so super on some things - especially produce. I will say ours still has material and some sewing items but did discontinue embroidery thread.

I did post a pic of the other item from Cape Cod. It is similar to the runner but is square for posibly a small table and has beatiful fringe all the way around. I can't get on my knees these days so had a hard time positioning the fringe so draped it over a chair and took a pic of just the fringe.

Back tomorrow with more. I am still working on my panels. 1 completed and the other 2 sewn to the backing and pinned with one hand sewn partly down one side. I find it very hard to sew on black at night so will not do anymore until I can just sit in the sunroom where the light is wonderful. Will show you all 3 when completed.

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that white work? looks special