Monday, March 21, 2011


This being the 3rd. weekend of the month it was antique fair time. Every 3rd. weekend they have additional dealers at the Antique end of Renningers and extra people show up for the flea market end also.

I went Sat. am and only made it to the antique end and spent about 3 hrs. there. I did enough damage in 3 hrs. to help the economy. Actually by this time of the year a lot of the dealers are heading north and are trying to get rid of a lot of their stuff so I saw a lot of 50% of signs.

I did get a great deal on old lace pieces from a gal who I see there on the 3rd. weekends. She has a lot of really nice things but is usually very expensive. This time she had a table full of old linens from doilys to tablecloths and everything in between. 6 pcs. for 5.00. She saw I had quite a handful so when we counted them there were 13 so she called it a baker's dozen 10.00. I have taken a pic today after I had soaked them and washed them. A few pieces like the old black and the 2 identical white collars that look brand new I did not wash. Also a very pretty little tan lace piece. Also there is a tan collar, crocheted with the Irish crochet roses on it. I bought that from another gal for 2.00.

Also I found a very unusual shaped tole painted tray that is hand signed. Apparently people used to hand paint these for mfgrs. to sell. It will go on my wall tomorow. I needed to get another plate hanger large enough to fit it. It was 10.00 and I have paid a lot more for them in such good condition.

I finally had to take down my beautiful pink orchid that survived from Nov. until about 2 weeks ago. It had multiple stems on it and was lovely. I was lucky enough to find another one with multiple stems on it in white. I think there are 6 different stems with lots of bloom yet to open.

Hopefully this one will last until we return home in May. I put little silver balls around the plant in the bowl at Christmas and liked it so much I have left them in the bowl.

I have more to show you but have to figure out how best to photograph them to their best advantage. Some very beautiful old silk pieces and a large lace piece. See you later.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

More great finds! I really like the shape of the tray - very unusual.

Pearl said...

The tray is beautiful and yes very unique. And what nice linens and lace. Nice score!

Suztats said...

What lovely lace finds! Lucky you, Freda!

Gina E. said...

Oh my...if I could win the lotto, I would head for the USA in a flash. You have the most fantastic estate sales! I never see anything like that around here these days - I think people are more canny now, and they take the good linens and laces to antique shops to sell. No bargain prices once they are there!