Friday, March 25, 2011


I spent yesterday morning running around looking for paint samples and buying the small samples of paint colors. I ended up with 2 for our bathroom and when painted I knew I did not want the one but the other would do. Great idea to sell these small samples. Just tell them what color and they mix it just like they would a gallon. I wanted a smoky very light green but the one turned out more turquoise then I wanted but the other was a smokey gray/blue. That will do. I have to go back tody and buy the paint. Sherwin Williams have 30% off on all their paints until Sunday.

When we first bought our house we had it all painted one color called chenille. A very light beige and I have always liked it. I am going to repeat it in all the main part of the house including den, bedroom and other bathroom. Our bedroom I am doing one shade darker called china doll. Still very light but just a bit more color to go with the new fabric I bought a couple of weeks ago. Went out with one clor in mind and came home with 25 yards of something totally different. When I get it all finished I will take some pics. I have to buy a sample jar of the China doll and try it also today. We are only doing our bedroom and bathroom this year and will work on the rest next year. It has been 11 years but still looks good.

The gals on our street have a once a month lunch somewhere and we have done this for a few years. eEther the 3rd or 4th Thurs. of the month. Yesterday was it and the gal doing it this month picked lunch at our own club here at the golf course. they have a sunroom and they set up tables for us in there and it was very nice. Didn't have to worry about how much noise we made. There were just 12 of us because there are always a few that are away, dr. appts. or friends visiting. Next month is my turn to plan it and I know where it will be. A new restarant opened in Eustis the next town over. March 21 before Easter weekend. A few gals are leaving for up north mid april so may be a smaller crowd even yet. One has already gone and one just moved. If you are in the Mt. Dora area and want to visit just let me know. You would be welcome. We are leaving the weekend of May 7-8 for home in Chicago.

At the antique market last week I walked up to a table and he had a carton of the small Christmas houses - old and originals made in Japan. I have a collection of these and know I paid a pretty price for them. I haggled with him and he was selling them all in the box not just one or two. I ended up buying the whole box and next fall I will become a seller. If interested come back early Nov. I will do a giveaway of a few of them around that time. The rest I will do on ebay in groups of 4 or 5. Will see if I make any money or just break even. I just couldn't resist them.

This weekend is the Antique Fair in downtown Mt. Dora. They close off the downtown streets and people set up booths all over the street. It is always fun. I usualy try and get there around 9 when it opens and get finished before the crowds come. It is good we are leaving in May. I will be running out of money at this rate. Once home though it is the end for 6 months so I might as well enjoy it when I can.
Once home different things take over like family parties, etc.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

You are the best flea market shopper! Love to be with you on your excursions.
Good luck.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Painting is a dirty word in my house right now - we are totally beyond sick of it!! I do like your wee houses though - another great find.

Gina E. said...

That looks like you are going to build your own miniature city!