Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I mentioned the great idea that Dorthe had when she made a cording of buttons. Well I did the same and it looks good. I am going to hang this heart and use it to put some of my pins on that others have sent me. Thank you Dorthe for the good idea.

Also I am showing 2 more pieces I picked up at the flea mrket for 1.00 each. They are old silk ribbon about 4" wide and have names on them. I would think they would have been worn in a club or somewhere. The one has a painted tree and flowers on it and the name Gordon on the back side and the other has a saying on it and the gentleman's name on the other side. The one is faded pink and the other cream. the cream one is in pretty bad shape but the pink one is still pretty good. They were left to fringe on the ends.


La Maison en Wonderboom said...

What a very sweet heart and the ribbons are so beautiful.
Thank you for showing.

Hermine xx

Miss Gracie's House said...

Love the ribbon!
THANK YOU for the sweet anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful time together.

Mary said...

Isn't it fun Freda when you find these pretty items with a story some place in their history?

Thanks for stopping by and telling me about Trader Joe's tea - I shop there weekly but have not tried the tea. I'll give it a try.
We always stock up when home in the UK - Marks &
Spencers great Fair Trade Earl Grey, and Harrods for English Breakfast and No 16 Afternoon.

Hope your week is happy.
Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

maggi said...

Lovely ribbons and the button cord goes so well with the lovely heart.