Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is where I spend my time when I am sewing, cutting, making messes, etc. My sewing room is actually our guest bedroom. When we first bought the house I bought a queen size bed, wicker headboard, chests, a pretty comforter, etc. Well it did not take me long to figure that unless I wanted to sew in the dinette area all I had was the wicker glass top desk and there was about 3 feet between it and the end of the bed. I put the machine on the desk and sewed there. Well I had not thought of my sewing life when I did this. Well one day I was at a friend's house and they were mentioning company and the gal said I have a Murphy bed in the den and I said WHAT! I did not know they still made such a thing. I remember them from the old movies with the small NY apts. where beds came out of the wall. Well times have changed and so have the Murphy beds. You can get so many combinations, storage space, bed, etc., as much as you have room for. Well I hauled good old hubby over to the place where they sell them and next thing I knew I had bought a Murphy bed with a storage cupboard with pull out table and storage cupboard at the other end. Out went the queen size bed and I had an almost empty room again. When I put everything away when we arrived I managed to keep it neat until Dave & Kim arrived so took some pics to show you. It covers almost the whole width of the wall and the queen size bed is the 2 double doors in the middle. They open up and fold back when the bed is open. You can still get into the storage cabinets if you need to but normally when guests are here you don't do that very often. You can see in the pic that there is a very strong table that folds up into the cupboard. It is a good weight and that is where my sewing machine goes. Plus I can sew and get good light from the window plus see what is going on.

Now my laptop is on the desk where it belongs and I have put a couple of shelves above it to hold small things. I also took a pic of the top of the cupboard where the comforter, pillow shams, etc. reside until I need to make up the bed. If you look carefully at the one picture of one of my bulletin boards you will see a pic of Allie Aller and Willa Fuller. Two good friends of mine who came out to spend the day with me when Allie was in town with her hubby for a meeting.

I am now content with my sewing area but I still do all my hand sewing at night in the living room with Harv while we watch TV. He watches and I listen. This winter I intend to spend more time doing hand sewing out in our new sunroom. Great light and very relaxing out there.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Great work area! So very organized.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oooooh - now you have me excited too! When we move to the apartment we were thinking of getting a pull out couch for the 'spare' bedroom (the rest will also serve as my craft/computer area). A murphy bed like yours would be a perfect solution!! Do you happen to know the manufacturer? Maybe I could find an outlet here.

Gerry Krueger said...

I just love things that do double duty, things on wheels and things that get repurposed.... I had a murphy bed in a VERY small house in Alaska, a mini washer and dryer that stacked and the kitchen table came down from the wall when needed... It's amazing how space can be used in different ways.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

A murphy bed - is Murphy the manufacturer? Being on the other side of the world it's an unfamiliar name to me!!!
It looks like just what I could do with here, as I'm doing everything in the spare room too!

I clicked on your whiteboard - lots of interesting bits there & I see your Dorothy tags!
take care

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Guess what Freda? You won my Dorothy tag! Send me your addy & I'll get it n the mail to you.

Looking forward to seeing your matchboxes...wasn't that a fun swap?

Debra said...

I've always thought Murphy beds were one of the best ideas ever!

Where I live we have villas available for guests. You have to pay for the accomodations but it's so convenient & easy that it's worth it. When Allie visited this past quilt show, she stayed at the villas and I walked over to see her.

maggi said...

This is such a great solution to making the most of your space.