Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well here I am 2 days in a row - woo hoo. I am going to show you what I decided to put in the middle of the quilt between the triangles. It is a picture of a water nymph/lady whatever you want to call her. Because I did not follow the butterfly calender pattern at all I did not want to put a butterfly there. The only thing I am following is the layout. Now comes the math work. I cut my blocks down to 10" and the middle is 14" compared to their 12" blocks and I think 20" middle if I remember right. Their measurements will not work plus I just looked and I left that part of it home. Just bought the empty calender envelope down. Once I get ready it will be fine.

I am planning to outline her wings with beads and do some silk ribbon leaves and threaded stems. I did dye the large motif and it was all one but decided it was too large and cut it in 2 pieces. The larger one on the bottom and the top one to offset the bottom. I might do a little silk ribbon in the triangle corners. Haven't got that far yet. will keep you posted with pics as I go along. I wasn't doing much stitching for the last couple of months and now I know how much I missed doing it.

If you have been reading this blog for a couple of months you will know that I was in a matchbox Christmas swap. We each made 25 Christmas themed matchboxes with a tiny momento inside. They are to be used as an advent type calender. Open 1 each day. We had to put numbers 1-25 very clearly on the front of the matchbox. Well on dec. 1 I will show you the one I and sentfor Dec. 1 and the one I received Dec. 1 when I open it. It will be fun to blog each one until Christmas Day. I will have to go organize them somehow so I don't have to plow through them looking for the dates.

Can you image being wonderful Linda Smith of St. Louis who mothered this swap. 25 matchboxes from about 75 people and each had to be seperated into 75 piles of 25 different matchboxes for each person. Approx. 1875 boxes to do. Linda did say she had help and I bet she needed it. She is probably still recovering.

I see that the last two pics were turned sideways. I know how to rotate them when they are on my screen but not once they are posted by blogger. It does this occasionally and drives me crazy. Does anyone know the solution? Would be grateful for any info.


maggi said...

I really like the way that you have split the lace motif. I look forward to seeing your mathboxes. Well done to the swap organiser, that is a huge number to sort out.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The lady is perfect I think and the lace is splendid. As for why the photos are turning, I'm sorry but I have no clue. Really wish I could help (but when you come to think of it, we probably spend far too much time sitting at the computer anyway, and perhaps having to turn our heads sideways to view the pictures can be classed as exercise??)

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Loved the fairy lady.. In act I use that same pic on my treasure bookmarks i made for my book club. When we were reading the Forgotten Garden... Her new book is out by the way. came out Nov 16. Love your blocks...:}

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh she's beautiful Freda.
I love Mary Annes comment about the exercise - she's got a great sense of humour!!!
I think we old birds to well just to get the photo on the blog, let alone the right way up!!!!

Look forward to seeing the matchbox swaps.
I must keep my eyes open for a swap next year, I only seem to hear about them later!!
Bless you Freda