Monday, November 29, 2010


Yesterday I mentioned that I had received my matchboxes numbered 1 to 25 to be opened 1 a day until Christmas. It dawned on me that I had not actually taken them out of the large envelope and looked at them. Then I thought what am I going to do with them as I did not want another tree. I have 1 small one on a table in the front hallway and one mid size on a table in the sunroom. I then remembered that when unpacking the christmas boxes and taking items from the shelf that I came across this red rack. I have 2 of them and when we had the cottage I used to buy the large bag of small size potato chips, corn chips, etc. like you would put in a lunchbox and put them on this rack. Then whenever anyone wanted a snack they could help themselves. I am glad I did not throw them away. I bought one down last year and clipped Christmas cards on it. Well I counted the clips and would you believe there are 25 clips. All the matchboxes had to have a hanger of some type attached to them for hanging. Well I now know where my boxes are going to hang.

Along with all the work and swapping herself as I got her day #13, Linda sent each one of us a little goodie bag. I attached it to the top of the holder and we are ready to go. I put all the boxes in date order on a plastic baking sheet cover. Worked perfect. Here are some pics. I am as bad as the grandkids. Can't wait for Dec. 1. Last year I ordered the Lego advent toy for both of the 7 year olds. Apparently they loved it and would come downstairs first every day to see what little thing you made that day. I ordered them again this year from Lego and now we will all be opening something every day.

I will post a pic of the matchbox and gift inside every day.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Perfect for your display of boxes Freda, I'm looking forward to seeing the first one tomorrow on the 1st (well down under in New Zealand - it will be!!!!)

Lovely seeing your posts again.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This sounds like so much fun!! I'm looking forward to seeing each one as you open them.

maggi said...

What a perfect way to display them.