Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giveaway Thank You

Here I am in the flesh and can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted. I want to thank all of my friends and followers for your kind notes to me after surgery. It was harder both physically and mentally then I thought it would be. Longer recovery time. Also I was so anxious to get to Florida for the winter before winter set in that I probably was pushing myself more then I should have but I am back in blogging shape. We left for Florida Nov. 6 and my neighbours down here were wonderful. They came in and had the house all opened up and everything turned on for us just as if we had walked out the day before. Thank you again to my kind neighbours who do read this blog.

The Giveaway is a Victorian Cherub Heart Brooch kit from Vintage Vogue that I bought at auction at the retreat in Colorado. Various vendors had sent items to Leslie plus CQI people gave stuff to the auction. Hideko who came all the way from Japan brought a beautiful gray and purple kimono and I bid on it and won it. I am sorry but it is back in Chicago and will have to wait until next Spring for a picture.

My son and his wife came down for Thanksgiving and left yesterday to go back. David was a great help doing the things I could not do. He put 16 bags of mulch around the trees and flower beds, did small fix up things around and got all my Christmas stuff out of the attic on thurs. so I can begin decorating.Thanks again David - you are a wonderful son. We will be staying here for Christmas again and will do like last year with an open house dinner for any neighbors who will not be going home or having family down. We did it last year and it was great fun. I baked a large ham and bought the wine and they all bought side dishes and dessert.

I am still working on the butterly quilt. I am down now to doing the center and will show a picture within the next couple of days. I laid it out with the four triangles on the black fabric yesterday and now have to decide what all to do on it. I dyed a large lace motif that I am playing with. Haven't decided if it is too large and maybe should be cut down. Also I want to bead the wings and do some ribbonwork on it. It is not a butterfly but a lady with wings.

Please leave a comment anytime over the next 2 weeks then Sat. Dec. 11 Harv will pull a name and it will be on its way to someone on the 13th.

It feels good to be back blogging. I missed it but just couldn't seem to do it.

Big hugs FredaB


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Freda
It was lovely to see your blog post pop in my side bar. I've been looking for it every day!!

And wondering how you and Harv were getting on. You've both done so well to get yourselves organised and down to Florida amid all the hurdles thrown at you.

Nice to know you're "back blogging" and sounding so enthusiastic!
This brooch is a beautiful giveaway and who wouldn't give their right arm to win it!!!
Take care
Shane x

Allison Ann Aller said...

I, too, welcome you back!
Congratulations on your slow but steady recovery.

Createology said...

Hello Freda: So glad you are back from surgery and feeling well enough to blog again. Enjoy your Florida winter. I am in the snow and really miss sunshine and warmth. Looking forward to more of your blogging and photos.

maggi said...

So glad that you are in a better place mentally and getting there physically. May your recovery continue. Enjoy the warmth of Florida.

pippirose said...

The brooch is beautiful!
I'd love the chance to win it.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Debbie said...

So sorry I missed meeting you at the retreat. Maybe next year. Glad to hear your on the mend. Your give-away is gorgeous, please add my name to the hat.Debbie (Maine)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very glad to see you back blogging Freda! We've missed you. Also glad to hear you're feeling better and that life is returning somewhat to normal. Just be careful not to overdo it!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

So glad to se you posting again because you are feeling better. Please include me in the draw for the brooch.

Suztats said...

Nice that you are feeling well enough to blog again! Yay! That's a lovely brooch kit, and I'd love to win! Enjoy the sunshine.