Monday, September 13, 2010


Here is the last one. I was so out of ideas by this time I hope this one is last but not least. It has more butterflies on it then any of the others. What is special is I had ordered buttons from Gerry K at and they were here when we arrived home Sat. evening from the hospital. I knew I wanted to use it so added the vine and the little cupped flowers with the button. It is beautiful and so were the others. You must go look at her site. She has an etsy shop now and has beautiful pincushions on there also.

Harv was released Sat. morning and I went to get him and when I got there the nurse said there was a problem and he couldn't go home. They had him wearing a heart monitor the whole time and as the nurses were helping him dress they had a call from the room where they monitor the heart things that his had blipped. Then the long day started. They called in a cardiologist who called for 3 different heart scans, ultra sounds, etc. plus blood work. Well unless it is an emergency time does not move fast in the hospital. After he came back from the scans they called for blood work for heart markers and we waited 2 hrs. for the gal to come up. She could not get into his veins which happened also the day of surgery. It ended up then the anathesiologist came in and finally got the IV in. Well this gal said I can't try anymore I will get someone else up here. 2 hours later Harv ordered supper and had eaten it at 6.30 when the next gal arrived. She was just about to give up and said I will give it one last try and she got it in. then another 1 1/2 until the blood tests came back. Everything was negative and after the cardiologist (who was at home by this time) read it all he said he is fine let him go. At 8.30 we got him dressed and out of there. He does want him to have a chemical stress test and we have an appt. for this thurs. 8.15 for it. Just to be absolutely safe. He said something that made my blood run cold. He said there might have been a small clot that broke away and caused it. He was on 3 shots in the stomach each day plus wearing the leg things that puff up and down. Now we just wait and see.

My cq gals can skip the above paragraph as I put this in for family and friends but I consider all of you friends so you may read it if you wish. Hugs FredaB

ps - I should add the butterfly by the vine is just pinned on. I was just trying it to see if it looked okay and the empty green/grey spot needs something but I don't know what yet. What say you all about the butterfly. Leave it there or take it off?


Anonymous said...

Your stitchery is very beautiful. Sorry things haven't been too good lately.
Love your colour sense too!Lovely work.

maggi said...

So sorry to hear about the scare with Harv. I am sure that he will feel more relaxed when he is home. They used to have the same problem with finding veins with my mother, not pleasant.
Number 12 is as gorgeous as the others and the button is beautiful. I would leave the butterfly on as I love it, but hey I am not a crazy quilter so you just have to go with what feels right for you.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The hummingbird button(?)is gorgeous, as is the whole block. Sorry to hear about the rough time with Harv, but hopefully things are straightened out now. Gotta love the 'hurry up and wait' in the medical field.

Plays with Needles said...

Gerry's button looks exquisite amongst all those little white bell flowers.