Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Here is square #11. I am now trying to finish off #12 then all the squares including the triangles will be done.

I was away from posting as we have had a few busy days around here. Last Fri. I had my first colonoscopy so of course thurs. afternoon and evening were too busy to be on the computer. Fri. all went well except I had 1 small polyp which he removed and I had 1 flat polyp which he scraped for a biopsy. Apparently the flat ones can be nasty. I won't get the results of the biopsies until next Mon. as he is on vacation this Thurs. & Fri. Always when you are waiting for results. Sunday we had a large birthday party at Sue's house celebrating 5 birthdays in Aug. & Sept. between John's family and ours. Great time was had by all. When Sue sends pics I will post some.

Today was Harv's turn for a colonoscopy that his surgeon requested as he is having some bowel and colon surgery tomorrow and he wanted to make sure there was nothing there to worry about. He spent most of yesterday like I did last Thurs. then we had to get up at 5 because he told me we had to get to the hospital at 6 for a 7 procedure. We get to the hospital and the Gastro dept. isn't even open. They don't open until 7. He was an hour off. I could have slept for another hour. Well all went well and we will be early to bed tonight as tomorrow he has to be at the hospital at 6 again for the 7.30 surgery. This time the time was confirmed by the nurse who called just awhile ago to make sure we don't forget. How could we?

This is getting to be like one of those newsy Christmas lament letters. I just want you to know if I don't post for a few days I will be running back & forth to the hospital. Not sure how long he will have to stay in. Hugs to all.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bigger hugs and prayers heading back your way, for you both. I really hope all is well for both of you.

maggi said...

I just can't wait to see all these together and your beaded purse is beautiful.
My thoughts are with you both for a successful outcome.

Gerry said...

This block is really lovely. The little critter is darling. How creative!

Wishing you both the best possible outcome on your procedures.

Wendy said...

You QC ladies just blow me away - your work is incredible, pieces of art.