Sunday, December 30, 2012


I purchased this coach light from Marshall Fields downtown store when they had their first ever flea market. They sent buyers to france and they shipped home crates full of stuff for the sale.  I remember it well because it was heavy and a friend of mine and I had to carry everything home with us on the train (remember it was a flea market so no shipping except on furniture).  I loved it then and still do.  I put small plants in there in the winter but at Christmas I do different things. This little manger I was given in a gift exchange one Christmas and it seems to just fit in there. 

I found this beautiful silver tray at the flea market in November and had to have it.  You do not see rectangular ones of thi size very often.  Plus the price of 25.00 for old silver in excellent condition was very good.  You can always tell the quality of silver by the weight.  Good silver has a good heft to it compared to the newer pieces that are very thin.  I put a few of my collection of houses and trees in it on the bar stool counter where I would see it every day.  I was not doing Christmas this year for a crowd - just Harv and I -so decided to go easy on the decorating or should I say easy on me.

I bought the beautiful wings this year from Karla Nathan and just love them.  She placed a beautiful vintage flower on them.  I hung them from the large black conservatory in the sun room.

Blogger will not let me download any more pictures right now for some reason so will end this and will be back to show a few more later.


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Magpie's Mumblings said...

So pretty! I would say that your lamp was a great find - and a perfect setting for a nativity. Beautiful!!