Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flea Market

Today is the first day of Feb. and also the first day to file your income taxes with the IRS/AARP volunteers at the library. Harv left at noon today and will be home when finished. the library is open until 8 Tues. but he should be home 6.30 or 7. Tomorrow is a regular day and he starts at 9 until 5 ish. depending on the crowd. This is a wonderful free service with very well trained volunteers who know what they are doing. It is available to seniors or low income persons.

I went on sunday to my regular Renningers flea market and had a good morning. It was sunny and nice and a pleasure just to walk around and talk to people. They are all so friendly at the markets. I picked up my usual few pieces of lace, doiles, etc. which I don't even photograph anymore. You are probably tired of seeing them unless it is something extraordinary. I did find a few things I was happy with and took some pics.

I believe I told you that I am starting to look for paint for our bedroom and bathroom and hae settled on a smoky - hazy very light turquoise. Don't think turqoise but it is not blue either. I found this picture on my last row and was almost out of there when I saw it. I knew the color would look great in eiher room and asked how much. She said I have 10. on it but you can have it for 8. She also had a white flower swag that I can use almost anywhere and she wanted 3. for it. Sometimes prices on things don't make sense. An oil painting that was professionally framed in a pretty frame 8. only and a few flowers 3. I bought both and was happy. Makes you wonder sometimes.

I also picked up a couple of pieces of silver. A small heart shaped dish for 1.00 that cleaned up beautifully and will have pink candy in it when I get to the store. Also a very small ladle for sauces, etc. It was in excellent condition and I did give it a wipe but did not even need cleaning. 3.00 for it. I have a larger one with my own silver but I liked the small size of this one.

I also bought a can about 1/4 full of keys. He said 3.00 for the tin or 1.00 each key. I was confused and meant you are selling the can without the keys and he said no the can with all the keys for 3.00. Keys alone 1.00. You would be crazy to just buy 1 or 2 keys. I bought it and I now have a nice old tin with 12 skeleton keys of various sizes and shapes, about 10 or so really small keys and a big handul of assorted keys. Some with really nice engraving on them. I am always seeing them used on the web whether I will use them is another story. Hopefully some of them.

Also a pice of sheer embroidered fabric that was in a basket marked tablecloths 2.00 each. It actually is yardage and about 3 yards long. Ends never finished so it came home with me also. You never know what is going to follow me home.

Looking again at the picture now posted the color I am going to paint is that very soft, hazy color at the top of the painting.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Gosh I wish I could come fleaing with you!! I don't need anything, but it sure would be fun. You found great treasures again.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Great treasures! Those pictures are so pretty. Thanks for coming by my place and the sweet words you left me.

Debra Spincic said...

I would have purchased the bird painting too!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

I believed they talked about that blizzard you experienced on the news. It took my son 3 hours one day and 2 the next morning to get his car out. They moved from Florida to Chicago last year. They thought it was fun. Guess it does help to be young.

Anonymous said...

Freda, great deal on the keys! You go, girl!
Love the bird image!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Freda thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Your crazy quilting is very beautiful and I see you love to collect vintage and is it Cranberry glass? I collect pink depression glass and well as vintage linen and laces. Your header on your blog is absolutely beautiful!
Cheers, Suzy

Gina E. said...

I am disappointed that you haven't been photographing the laces and doilies you find at the flea market - but perhaps I'm the only one who looks forward to seeing them! I like seeing everything else too. My gosh if you want silver, you should come over here - our opshops are filled with silver stuff that nobody seems to want any more. I have a few items that belonged in my family and Ken's family, which we keep for sentimental reasons, but I never thought of mounting them on a wall in the bathroom!