Monday, February 21, 2011


First I must say that I received a very nice email in reply to mine from my swap partner and she sent those lovely things just because she likes to do that. That was really nice of her and maybe in future I will do the same.

She has not received mine yet which surprises me because it was mailed either Tues. or Wed. am and should have been there by Sat. Hopefully tomorrow.

Well this past weekend was the Feb. Extravaganza at Renningers and I went over on Sat. I spent about 3 hours and found some nice things. I only went to my usual side and not to the antique end where you have to pay to get in. My end always has twice as many vendors on these special weekends and I can do quite well there and spend as mch money there as down the other end.

I found another silver tray for one of the walls - my daughter may use some for the same idea also - and it was in great shape. Barely needed cleaning and has a very pretty design on the ends. I also found a silver trivet set with cut glass/crystal? bottles and shakers in it. In our bathroom we have a wicker open cabinet with shelves that fit perfectly in the wall next to the shower. That is where I keep all my towels and decorations, etc. I think the trivet set will go in there with bath salts, etc. in the bottles. It was 5.00 for the tray and 10.00 for the trivet set which is a great price. I have a lovely one at home that I display on a 2 tier pie edge table in my living room. I also picked up a pair of long white kid gloves for 4.00. She had 4 gloves - 3 right hand and 1 left so I picked the best right hand and the left. She said the others were around somewhere but she didn't know where. Sonds familiar. She said they were stamped Paris inside them but I couldn't see that in either of mine. It was in one of the other right hand ones but it has brown spots on it so wasn't worth it.

I bought some pieces of lace that I have soaking in a solution right now. I will show them tomorrow night. Some of the gals said they like seeing the lace I pick up so will continue to show it.

Also bought a terrarium that I will show you one night this weekend.
Made by a young man and filled with miniature plants. I loved it.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

You have the best flee markets! Great finds. What do you soak your lace in?

Pearl said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Freda on the loss of my little dog Rocky. It was kind of you to do that, I miss hime but it was his time. I've always liked your lovely blog. Blessings, Pearl

QueenBe said...

Your finds are fabulous! Love th silver tray (I love anything old and silver). I look forward to seeing the other things you mentioned....

maggi said...

I would love to go shopping with you, you have the ability to find such lovely things.