Friday, February 25, 2011


I mentioned the other day that I had purchased a terrarium from a young man at the flea market. He had them from little ones in vases or glass bowls to this large one that I bought. He only wanted 20.00 for it and I thought for the size and all the work that went into making it it was sure worth that. In the pics it doesn't look that large but I just measured it and it is 13" high and 24" in circumference. It has an aluminum lid that can be put on or left off. If you leave it off it will needed to be misted a bit more. There were at least 7 different plants that we counted in there and I think from the pics you can see how he layered it if anyone is interested in starting their own. The trouble I think would be in getting the miniature plants. There is a tiny ivy, a begonia, Irish moss, a stone and at least 3 different types of fern (including maidenhair which is one of my favorites) and a couple of others that I don't know what they are. My only problem is how to get it home or find someone down here who would keep it for 6 months. Will worry about that in May and enjoy it until then.

In one of the pics I threw a lace collar on top of it and then thought I should go through my doilys and find one that would look good over the top and it would get some air but would not dry out.

We are finally getting what you think of as Florida weather. 82 yesterday and predicting high 70's - 80's for the next week. Spring is here.

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QueenBe said...

Freda, I have a tiny moss terrarium and have made several others. They are a bit of Spring in the dreary winter. SO easy to take care of, too. Good luck with yours!