Sunday, June 20, 2010


We have been having a lot of very bad weather. Thurs & Fri. evenings we had storms that shook the house and lightning like I haven't seen in a long time. Thurs. night the winds were around 70 miles per hour so they said and I would believe it. We were up in the loft watching the golf on the large screen tv and I began to worry when all the trees were swaying. the lights kept flickering on and off. I made Harv come down to at least the main floor where we could go either to the basement if the tornado sirens went off or at least into our inside bathroom with no glass windows. It did blow over for us but there were around a million without power that they were able to restore over the next day or so but today I heard about 64,000 still have none and it will be another day or two. No air, food all gone bad, tempers rising. Mother Nature gets back at us for mistreating the land we have.

Well yesterday when I woke up and looked out all I could see were branches and leaves all over the deck and lawn. I worked out all afternoon cleaning up, pulling weeds and lugging buckets of pure gold compost around the flower beds. We had a very large tree removed last year because the tree had actually started to lift up the huge slab stairs coming off the deck. They drilled down to remove the stump and roots and all the mulch was left. Well it composted and is wonderful stuff. I spread as much as I could around and then planted a huge stand of rhubarb that my daughter had picked up at the side of the road. A sign said "Rhubarb free - take what you want". She said it was so much she had to get the gal to give her a shovel and some boxes to break it up into moveable pieces. She planted one bunch in her yard and now I have the other where the tree was. It is the sunniest spot in my garden so we will see if it will grow there. I will get the camera and take some pics tomorrow if I can. They are calling for 90's this week with rain showing for every day or evening. Great for the lawn and trees, etc.

I do have a couple of garden pics of this little area that is between where you come down off the deck into the shade garden. It is between the stairs and the fence. You may like my lady bug. I bought her at our garden walk last year. They collected old bowling balls and painted them. I think they did a good job. They sold them for $15.00 and sold all they made. You will see the empty space where the tree came down behind the large Blue Boy hosta. He sure is a big boy. There is also a small bird bath that I bought at a flower show in Florida and bought home. It is ceramic and has a green frog sitting on it. I do bring it in for the winter or it would crack.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

How true when you say that it's Mother Nature getting back at us for mistreating our land. It seems the storms are getting worse all the time. Stay safe!