Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My daughter has 3 boys aged 7 to 14. Her second son turned 12 yesterday and he celebrated with his friends with a pool party. His family belongs to a private pool club and you can rent the pool for parties, etc. It does include a lifeguard and she realy watched them. She blew her whistle a couple of times and they all obeyed her. He had invited 10 of his friends plus his 2 brothers. They swam from 2 until 4 (or should I say horsed around for 2 hours poking and kidding each other). Sue had ordered pizza for 4 pm and it arrived on the dot. They ate, some swam some more then at 5 parents arrived to pick their boy up. There was also a litle girl there. Her Mother came and stayed to help Sue so her daughter was invited also. She is the lady with the dark hair. I think the litle girl liked being among all those boys who completely ignored her.

I went with them for the first hour and a half and then I drove Kyle (the oldest) to Lacrosse practice at 3.30 and then went on home. Sue sent me these pictures this afternon.
I hope she had more then 1 cupcake with the three of them there. Just joking. His actual family party will be this Sat. when we will celebrate his birthday, her FIL's birthday and Father's Day for both Grandpas. Big cake for then.

This post is for family and friends who know them but all my blog friends are sure welcome.

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