Thursday, June 24, 2010


I just finished a very interesting book by Ann Hood called the Red Thread. It is fiction and the story is about a gal that starts an adoption agency in the US to help American couples to adopt a Chinese baby girl. I thoroughly enjoyed it and lent it to my daughter and she brought it back to-day and she enjoyed it and said it would be good for her book club as there were so many issues that could be discussed. There is the gal who runs the agency and her past that made her start the agency. There are the various couples who come to her to try and adopt a child. Lastly there are sections about the Chinese women who have to give up their little baby girls and how hard it is. It is a fairly fast read but does make you think.

I take water aerobics at our Wellness Centre on Tues. and Sat. mornings. On Sat. I was returning home and coming down one of our local streets when I saw 2 houses having garage sales one house apart. I don't usually stop at them but that day I did. I found Harv a pair of binoculars made in the US probably back in the early 40s. I looked thru them and they looked very good to me. He has a pair here and one in florida which he uses to watch the birds in the pond and on the golf course behind our house. I didn't realize that something had broken on the pair here so he was happy. He gave the old pair to Kyle to play around with and he was excited to be able to see so far with them. I bought a couple of small things then saw a pile of books. One was a book published in 1926 by Dennison crafts on crepe paper flower making. It has all the patterns in the book and is all in black and white like a lot of old books were. I have a lot of very old knitting books that are all in black and white. The other book was called "Faeries" by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. This one is not all pretty fairies. Lot of gnomes and ugly forms.
They are both hard cover and were 50 cents each. I think I will try and make some of the flowers just for fun. Harv said I miss my Sunday morning flea market and that is why I stopped at the garage sales. Maybe he is right. If you find something you get a better price then at the flea markets. They just want to get rid of their stuff.

Sue is an avid reader and all three of her boys are also. I told Sean last week that as long as he has a book to read he would never be without a friend. They have been my friends all my life.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I couldn't live without books! I've seen that faeries book and it IS different. We haven't gone to any yards sales for the past couple of summers, but this year we've gone a couple of times. My 'new' sewing machine is certainly proof that they can be worth investigating!

Gina E. said...

I love books too. Sadly the MOTH doesn't share my interest, and whenever I buy more bookshelves, he says "If you stopped buying books, you wouldn't need more shelves". Doesn't work that way I'm afraid. But I do have to cull my books every now and then, as they tend to spill out of my craft room/library into the rest of the house, and Ken gets a bit annoyed...
Old books like the ones you found are fascinating. I have a few (VERY few) from my childhood, that I inherited from my brothers, and also a few from my parents, so those are nearly 100 years old now.

Debra said...

I bet the fleamarket vendors miss you too!