Thursday, September 5, 2013


I am busily working away at my old linens project.  It is finally all sewn together and today I sat and tied down with their threads the yo-yos I made for the middle around the picture of the lady.  I made all the prairie points on the weekend and have them sewn together ready to attach.
Here are some pics I took today.
If I had thought I would not have had the pink hexagon flower on the top left of this square.  I am going to have to look at removing it and think of something else to put there.

The yo-yos are all sewn down except for the few in the upper left corner.  Now that I look at them I am not sure about putting them there.  They are only pinned.  Maybe once the large pink flower comes out it will be better.

I will sew the points all around it this weekend.
I haven't figured out how to do the points at the corners.  I just found out we have a fairly large new quilt store over in Arlington Hts. (new to me at least) and they are doing well.  Went from one store front to 3.  So many needlework shops are closing these days it is good to know there are some surviving and doing well.  I have to go over there tomorrow so will pop in and see if they can help me with the corners.  Also give me a chance to see what all they carry.
I have one concern and that is with the size of the quilt.  It may have turned out too large for my wall in Florida.  If that is the case I have to rethink what I will do with it.  Give it to some woman's shelter or have someone auction it off and give the funds to some good cause.  We will wait and see. I did have a lot of fun doing it.  I have enjoyed it all until the final stage of adding a backing to it.  I do not have a large enough table to lay it out so will just have to measure and cut and hope for the best.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's looking beautiful! Definitely a treasure - perhaps you could simply throw it over the back of a chair instead of putting it on the wall? Preferably a chair that isn't used much? As far as the corners are concerned....could you use 3 prairie points on each corner? Just a thought!

Marilyn said...

I like Magpie Mumblings' idea for the corners but maybe you could fold the triangles so they meet on the back rather than so they nest like the prairie points and space 3 around the corners. For pinning my quilts together I use large stationery foldback clips and/or painter's masking tape to lay it out on my cutting table. I pin as much as I can and then I move it and do the process over again until its all pinned. Bit of a pain but my knees don't do floors any more so that's my only option. I have also used the kitchen table but its too thick for the clamps so I just have to go with the masking tape....and make sure to protect the surface of the table so I don't scratch it with the pins.

Debra Spincic said...

Instead of eliminating the hexagon, why not open up that yoyo frame at the corner & do something like a bouquet cluster?

You could use some yoyos and hexagons together.

If you decide you don't want to keep this piece, definitely offer it as an auction item. I know of a few sources, should you need any; but, I believe you could find some easily yourself.

Maggi said...

I too like the idea of having it thrown over a chair. After all that work, how could you bear to part with it? Glad to see that you got some good advice from the new shop.