Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have had a busy and strange  week.  I had volunteered to give a program for my Questers group and it was scheduled for last Tuesday (Sept.11) and my daughter volunteered her beautiful home for us to meet.  Sept. is the first meeting of the year so we usually have a good crowd and so I knew we would need room.  We had 27 people come including 2 of my daughters friends.

I took all my stuff over Monday afternoon and we laid out what we could then Sue did the rest Tues morning before it started at 10.  The committee for the meeting consisted of 3 gals and they brought all the morning pastries, fruit, etc.  Sue made coffee and iced tea to go with it.

I put my talk together on Monday evening and it was 3 pages long.  Some gals knew what crazy quilts were and some did not.  I had my collection of old ones plus some of the new ones I have made including my kimona, my butterfly items, purses, etc.  I was a bit nervous but I have known most of these gals for years.  It went very well and seemed to be well received.

Would you believe we did not take one picture.  I don't know where my mind was that I did not have my daughter snapping pictures.  One gal bought her camera and asked if she could take some pictures of my work.  I told her certainly.

A long story short I received this lovely card in the mail on Friday thanking me for my program.  We have a end of the year potluck luncheon in May and we also bring plants to swap if you want to.
This card was made from the home where this years lunch was held.  I thought it was such a great idea to make cards from your own pictures.  I assume she had it copied maybe from Snapfish because it had a border around it.  A packet of paper and envelopes which are very inexpensive at Michaels and you have a great card.  A picture of our own work could be used and would make a very inexpensive all purpose card.  Just an idea.

I will continue on with the rest of the week tomorrow.


Debra Spincic said...

I bet all the ladies thoroughly enjoyed your talk about CQs.

Createology said...

How very nice to be appreciated and recognized for your dedicated sharing of talent. Photos do make lovely and personalized cards. We once got a photo postcard from our neighbor dog! What fun that was trying to figure out who sent it...turns out my husbands sister when she visited from out-of-state and took the photo. Blessings dear...

Maggi said...

I am not surprised that the presentation went well as you do such beautiful work. That is a lovely card too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wish I could have been there to hear your talk!