Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sunday afternoon we celebrated 3 birthdays at my daughter Sue's house.  Two 10 year old boys and 1 old grandma (me).  The boy in the red shirt is my grandson Luke (Sue's youngest boy) and the boy in the blue is his cousin Jimmy.  Their birthdays are so close together that rather then have 2 family parties we all just celebrate together and make 1 large party.

The next pic is of my grandson Sean (Luke's older brother) andf I didn't realize how tanned he is until I saw his picture here.  He is a soccer player plus he referees (helper) on other soccer games.  The oldest boy Kyle I did not get a picture of this time.  Maybe next time.

the girl is my one and only grandaughter who will be 18 in Feb. and is a senior in high school.  She is thinking of Bradley University in Illinois where her brother is a sophmore this year.  Time really flies when the youngest is 10 and the oldest in college.


Debra Spincic said...

Happy Birthday to you, Freda! and to all your great grandkids too!

Susan Elliott said...

Happy Birthday Freda! I can't believe how big and BEAUTIFUL your grandchildren are. I don't think I realized you only had one GD. How exciting that she's a senior this year!

Hope you are well and life is being good to you...xo Susan