Thursday, September 6, 2012

Portraits 3 & 4

Here are portraits #3 & 4 for you to see.  Please copy if you feel you would like to use them.

spent the day from Dr. to Dr.  Eye Dr. in the morning then to kill time I went to TJ Maxx and spent some money.  I was pleased as I found a nice black skirt that is light enough for Florida but still okay for when I am here.  Also bought a cardigan chanel type jacket to go with it.  Harv shouldn't let me out of the house with time to kill.  After that to the dermatologist to have 2 spots removed and he found one on my back that he said bothered him more then the front ones.  Good job he checked me over.  Will know in a week if they are all negative or not.  If not he said it would be just bazel cell cancer and would be removed with no problem.

Girl #3 is labelled "the Day Dream" and # 4 is "H.R.H.".

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Lottie said...

ckHope your results are OK

And the latter one is indeed easy to treat - I've had many

I couldn't see the pictures but am very intrigued to see them