Friday, December 16, 2011


I had seen pictures last year on line and directions to make these paper trees out of paper back books. This year I bought the Family circle magazine and there was a tree and the directions. I made one with the tallest paperback I had and it becomes addictive. I looked through my books and found an old Agatha Christie mystery and made another. I did it while watching tv last night and it only took one hour. They are really pretty if the paper is slightly tinted as these old ones were. I put rhinestone pins on top and have put them out in my sunroom.

Also I had bought a Christmas cactus basket at the flea market for only $5.00 and it was just bursting with buds ready to bloom but you couldn't tell the color. The man said he thought it was white so I bought it. surprise it turned out to be a pink one but is very pretty. I took this pic yesterday and good job I did because today it started falling and I picked up a bunch of blooms off the floor. It bloomed about 1 week too early but maybe some more will bloom.

I have been very busy making things, mailing parcels and I don't know what all. A couple of Christmas parties in there like the Garden Club and another ladies lunch.

I have finally finished and the rest of the time is to myself until Christmas. We are having open house again this year for anyone not leaving or having company. So far we have 12 and that is just perfect. 6 around the sunroom table and 6 at the dinette table. I have bought a ham and a couple of gallons of ice cream for dessert along with cookies for dessert. All the rest will be brought by the other guest so it makes it really easy. I like this kind of entertaining. Pictures to follow after christmas.

Also I can't show what I have been making because family members read my blog so until they receive them I can't show them. Will next week. draft 12


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty trees and a great use for books! My Christmas cactus plants usually bloom in November but this year there is no sign of any buds. I think they didn't like the change in light after we moved.

Maggi said...

What a lovely way to recycle old books. They look great.