Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As mentioned below I was in a 3 person swap and each person was to send 3 items to each - or a total of 9 items sent and 9 received.

The first to come in was from Kate Hess in CA. They are in the first picture. She took an empty spool and wrapped it with rayon seam binding with a flower on top and beads and a charm on the bottom. Very cute idea. Next was a white star with tiny silver tinsel around the middle and 3 tiny jingle bells inside. Also a cute idea.
Third was a metal mold lined with netting and a christmas sticker in the middle. She used a black rose trim all around the outside and a silver tinsel edging inside.
Thank you very much Kate.

Next was acarton from Terri Lavelle of Dover, DE. She did a errific idea. She made a gift carton for her items. She covered a file box lid with stuffing to make it slightly padded then covered it with a gorgeous red and white Christmas toile. Around the outside she covered the edge with a red trim. This is going to be a keeper for future Christmases and a good idea for all of us to use. Inside she had
a snowman decorated cone, a pair of white gloves that she hand painted a snowman's face on the fronts (another idea to remember) a glass heart decorated with lace and filled with pearl beads. She also included a wooden manger scene of Joseph, Mary and child. Thank you Terri for these gifts and for all your great ideas.

Next was from Michelle Cox of CA. Michelle sent me an email when she received her parcels explaining that she had not understood she was to send 3 ornaments to 3 people. I told her I could easily understand that as it was a bit unusual and she is certainly not to worry about it. She said she would make more and send them and I told her to forget it and just have a wonderful Christmas. We need no extra worries at this time of year. Michelle made a candy cane wrapped in fabric and a chenille type yarn with a cute christmas yoyo on it and a gift box on the bottom. It hangs with a yellow Christmas fabric. thank you Michelle.

I may not have done justice to my gifts as my photography is not always the best and I have been so busy that I have rushng to get things done and on the blog.

I wish all 3 of you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Crafting New year.




Annesphamily said...

Oh that swap sounds like fun! I love everything you received and what you sent out! It is fun to share with our friends here. Hugs Anne

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like a really fun swap - both what you gave and what you received. Swaps always spark new ideas, which is something I love about them.

Maggi said...

What a fun swap this has been for you. Thank you for sharing your gifts