Saturday, December 31, 2011


I received my gift package around early Dec. and put it away or should say gave it to Harv to hide from me. I finally talked him into letting me open this one Christmas Eve when we were putting our gifts around our little tree for the morning.

I found many nice things inside including a beautiful silver grey silky shawl/scarf.
It is my color exactly and I can't wait to wear it. right now it isdraped over a corner of my wicker armoire in our bathroom so I can see it when I go by.

The rest of the gifts (as if I needed any after that) were 3 beaded ornaments each wrapped in a vintage hanky, a handmade pot holder (which I can use as I am short of them right now) some chocolate candies and something new to me - Chocolate covered sunflower seeds . I just opened the container and they are delicious.
also included was a home made bag containing 3 balls of yarn co-ordinating in shades of gold yellow and blues. I will make use of these one day.

I should say that this all came from a nice lady named Ellen who I believe lives in
The Carolinas. I did not keep the envelope it all came in and I went back through her blog and she mentioned driving to Greensboro to catch plane so hence my guess.

She also included a Haiko for me:

Across the country
Ho Ho Ho, Secret Santa
Merry Christmas Pal

I love her blog name: Go visit her and see what a nice group of friends she has with the same interests as her. I miss that as mine are spread all over the country. Nothing like old friends.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely treasures! You're going to have fun playing (and eating!). Happy 2012!!

Maggi said...

Lovely gifts Freda. Have a happy and healthy 2012.