Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here I am still alive. Were you wondering? We left Chicago last Sat. 7 am and it was 33 degrees and by the time we arrived in Florida sun. afternoon it was 99. Quite a change. Apparently they had over 100 a couple of days the previous week which is unusual for Oct. in Fl. I emptied what I had to out of the van then waited until early Mon and went out and emptied the rest from the trunk. It was funny because with our van being a handicapped van with a ramp for Harv. they completely refigure the bottome of the van and the tire goes into a recess in the trunk. Well I figured out a long time ago that if we had a flat I did not want to have to unload a whole van to get at the spare tire. I came up with the idea of putting it into the middle section where his chair goes and bunging cording it down. Works great and I can use the space to fill up with shoes, books, etc. Well this time I think I am all unpacked then I kept thinking I had forget to bring a lot of things, like all our shoes, etc. Well what I had forgot was to empty the tire space under the back trunk section. All was well once my memory kicked in. I have spent the week cleaning, shopping, because we pretty well empty everything out when we leave so I have food shopped 3 times this week and spent hundreds so think we can survive now for awhile other then fresh fruits, etc. which I usually get at the flea market.

I did treat myself to a morning at the flea market today and really lucked onto something. I have a very old set of the Olde English Castles china dating back from the early 1900's. I had 2 sugar bowls but neither had a lid and they were both different and the cream jug was missing. Well at the market a fella had a table with odds and ends on it and some pieces of the old red & white china. My heart almost stopped when I saw the creamer and picked it up and it was marked 2/10.00. I said does this mean any 2 pieces for 10.00 and he said yes. I was so excited and picked up the lid and thought well even if it doesn't fit I will have the creamer that matches. Well he said make it $9.00 in case it doesn't fit. When I got home I tried it on the one on display and it didn't fit. went to the cupboard and took out the other and it was the correct size. I have been so happy all day to have made this find at that price. If you have ever gone to Replacements for pieces you will understand when you see their prices if they even have what you want.

I also found some other goodies and will take some pics tomorrow and show you. Just wanted to say "Jack is back" and hopefully will post more regularly.




Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad you arrived safely!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Bet you are enjoying the warmth...
good job on the tresure find.

Carol in Clermont said...

Welcome back! Bet you didn't know that hot weather wouldn't last long, eh? Tomorrow we'll be lucky to get to 70! Glad you're here and hope to get together soon.