Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello friends and sorry I have not shown any pictures yet but have not found my camera. I bought a new one for myself just a couple of weeks ago and hardly used it. Instead of always taking Harvs I bought one. Well he handed me a small velvet bag to pack and said this is your camera. Okay in it went. Well when we get down here he opens it up and it is a new mouse he bought for his laptop. No camera - so then he says you probably packed it - and I said yes I thought I did too. Ha. Well I have been slowly unpacking this stash that I insist I cannot live without and hoping I might have tucked the little camera in with something else. No luck so far and I am just about unpacked in the sewing room. I will go back to using his until December. Our daughter is coming down by herself (no 3 boys and husband) on Wed. Dec. 2 and staying until Sun. Dec. 6. We will have time to shop, sightsee, lunch out and just enjoy each other.
When they are all here they are running all the time and Sue and I don't have much quality time together. We are not going home for christmas this year for the first time so this will be an early christmas present for me. I am going to have her go over to the house and see if she can spot my new camera and bring it down if she does. Trouble is I have no idea at this point where it would be.

I will probably not be posting again until early next week as we leave Thurs. for The Mission Inn where Harv is holding the HFC retiree's reunion. This will be the 24th. reunion and we are billng it as the last hurrah as we think it will be the last. People are passing away and getting too old to travel in some cases.
Maybe one of the younger retirees may decide to keep it on but this is the last for our group. We will be there from Thurs. until Sun. evening. There will be golf, tennis, etc. for those who care to play and sightseeing for the rest. The Mission Inn is only about 30 minutes from Mount Dora and our house but we will be staying at the Inn. We have festivities planned for each night and is always fun to see people you don't see all the time. They come from all over the US, Canada and sometimes England. Harv has worked very hard and long on this so hope the weather holds and all goes well.

It just happens to be the weekend of the large Fall craft show in Mt. Dora. Over 300 crafters with quality work that come from all over to be in it. This is one of the things Mt. Dora is known for. It has the Fall craft show, a very large Arts Festival that attracts 200 -300,000 people in two days to this little town.
Also they have a large antique show where they close all the streets and the antiquers set up. That is usually in March. There is always something going on around here. See you next week.

Just a little nostalgia - we were at a reunion 10 years ago at the Mission Inn and that is how we found Mount Dora. We rented in the Country Club the following Feb. & Mar. decided we really liked the area and made plans to have a house built. Best decision we could have made. Love the area and have the world's greatest neighbours.


Kristina said...

Hi Freda!
We're looking forward to having you and your group here at Mission Inn this weekend. You couldn't have planned for better weather!

If you make your way to the Mt Dora Craft Festival on Sunday morning; be sure to stop by the Mt Dora Chamber booth; our Vice President and General Manager, Bud Beucher will be there 8:30-11:30am.

Kristina Cullison
Director of Marketing
Mission Inn Resort & Club

Debra said...

You are too busy to be retired folk! Have fun!