Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have put together the beginning of the old linens quilt.  I liked the picture of the gal and have used it for the centre.  To offset it I had 2 identical pieces of old flowers and leaves and put one on top and one on the bottom of the gal.  I am going to put a row of yoyos all around the gal to frame her and in the spaces between the flowers will put a circle of hexagons.

The rows around the centre will be done in a rough crazy quilt type way.  I will be using larger pieces then you would usually so I can take advantage of the pretty parts of the linen.  I will fill in with plain pieces that I can use hexagons and yoyos on them. 

This  at least is my plan. Nothing ever is written in stone so things may change once I start cutting, etc.

Below is a pic of the gal with the piece of flowers both above and below.  Also a pic of this with a few yoyos and hexagons just placed there to see the results.  When I looked at the pic myself I havedecided to do a cluster of yoyos in the upper left corner.  That corner is barer then the others and will need a cluster I think.  Will post as I go along with this project.

Also have just about finished my stone angel book and will photo it and post in a few days.



Maggi said...

Lovely motifs and I prefer the arrangement of the yoyos in the next post.

Look forward to seeing the finished stone angel book

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely image! I have always liked the 'old' embroidery patterns.