Thursday, March 21, 2013


We are enjoying a week at the ocean in a condo right on the beach. This is one beach perfect for Harv as he can take his scooter right onto the hardpacked sand beach and accompany me on walks. the weather was great until rain last night and then it turned cold today. It is about 65 but Harv bundled up and has gone to the pier fishing. We had lunch yesterday at a place called the Lighthouse restaurant at Ponce Inlet. It was a typical old Florida type. Here is a picture I took of Harv. Here are 3 more pics - one of me and 2 more of the beach and some birds. It is Spring Break time but there are not very many here and the ones that are here are nice kids and there has not be any problems with that. We will be home Friday as Harv has a bass fishing tournament down in Kissimmee on Sat.


La Maison said...

Mmm i love the beach, nice pictures.

Hermine xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nice to see pictures of you and Harv! Our snow is going - slowly (one step forward and two back).