Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I was never so surprised as yesterday at the Drs. to learn that the allergy blood test came back - no allergies. For years I have been told I had Allerigc Rhinitis and was treated for such with various allergies and nasal sprays. Mostly prescription. This is from an Allergy Group in Chicago. Well now I find out I have what is known as Vasomotor Rhinitis which exhibits many of the same symptoms as the allergic one but also includes all the chemical odors, weather changes, high humidity and various other things. I have been bothered by these for years and do not wear perfume or can go in a nail salon or I would get a terrible migraine.

Well as of yesterday I am off the allergy meds and am now on a twice a day nasal spray (prescription) and we will see what happens. Life is amazing. I also found out I do not have very much arthritis in my neck and head but do have a deteriorating disk between C5-C6 neck area. I have exercises to do and some meds to take for that.

Well enough of that and on to more fun things. I am including some pics of things I have done through the class. The first is a piece of fluff I put together. It is a piece of scrim that didn't gather right so I cut it off but didn't throw it out. The center is a little scrap with the basket that I have had for ages. I added some pretty eyelet and did a bit of stitching on it and came up with this.

the second was a dily that I randomly smocked and then stitched on. It is fun just sitting doing all those stitches. Would never have thought I would like doing that this much.


Maggi said...

Glad to hear that you are now on a different treatment and no allergies. Here's hoping it works for you. Great stitching and I love the flowers that you made with the scrim.

jenclair said...

Hope the nasal spray is successful.

Beautiful work...just luscious!

Gina E. said...

Good luck with the new nasal treatment. Ken has had similar problems for many years, with as many medications tried but none successful. I suspect his problem stems from heavy smoking over 45 years - it must damage the nose as well as the throat and lungs over all that time.
I also have specific exercises for my neck to slow down the deterioration in those bones...don't you hate this getting older stuff :-(

Anonymous said...

Glad allergies aren't a part of your life anymore! Carol in Clermont