Tuesday, April 17, 2012

EMBELLISHMENTS 3rd try at posting

I don't know where this is all ending up but I tried taking the pics first and had a little trouble. Hence 3 posts.

The following are some of the little embellishments we have made in our class to add to our cloths.

First were the tassels and bows then dangles that were made on the sewing machines with the scrim cloth. they can be decorated and are made to hang from your cloth or tacked on top. I just saw a gorgeous piece a gal made and had these dangles on top of it and they looked great. This is such a fun class that I encourage anyone who wants somelthing really neat to sign up for Karen's next class. It starts May 1 and is the 1st class we did with making our own cloths and learning her type of embroidery. Her work is gorgeous and she is so casual and easy you will just love her. Very down to earth type gal.

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