Sunday, October 2, 2011


Friday my daughter and I had a "play date" to work on our houses. It was fun and she has all the right tools for cutting out shapes, glueing, making stickers, etc. for her scrapbooking. This is what we have done. I think the outside is almost finished now ready to start on the inside. We are getting together (we hope) this Wed. and will try and finish them.

Sue asked me to be on the lookout for a small crystal and gold clock for her bedroom and I told her I had one in my hand about a week ago at the Clearbrook Centre where I buy my ties. I put it back thinking you don't need another clock. Well after water aerobics yesterday morning I went in on my way home and it was gone. He who hesitates -----. I did pick up a few things that I was pleased with. All the following 4 pics for $20.00. The crown I will take to Florida and the silver and glass coasters will go probably to Sue. I had just ordered 2 silver ones from Rhonda with French pictures in the bottom of them. They just arrived Friday and I bought these Sat.

The 2 little boxes had petit point flowers on the tops that were done on silk gauze.
I spent about 1/2 hour last night trying to remove one from the box and I finally got it off with room to sew around it. I can re-cover the boxes if I want to with other fabric or paper. These two needlepoint will go on my next quilt.

The black rhinestone and silver chain were together and I thought they were 2 seperate chains in the bag. I bought them to cut and use but when I opened them I found they were attached and to be worn as one. I will probably not wear them but use them. Unexpected good hunting day and the money goes to the charity.


joyce boudreau said...

HI Freda..oh, the Halloween house is SO CUTE....
and I don't even like Halloween so that says a lot.
You are still into the yarn sales... you do get great finds.
keep in touch.. I sent you an email today on our comings and not goings. Hi to Harv.

Miss Gracie's House said...

It looks like you're having FUN with your project!