Thursday, October 27, 2011


We arrived safely in Florida. Good driving weather and not too heavy traffic. It takes 2 days driving with the first day driving about 11 hours then the second day around 8 or so. I am always thankful that when we hit the Florida border we are going all the way down to Naples or the Keys. Then we would have to add another day.

We were out this afternoon and I came home to a parcel from my daughter. Of course I looked at it and thought what is she sending when we just left last week. Always have to play the guessing game first before opening a parcel. Well I opened it and there were these 3 guys inside. She said she saw them and they reminded her of me and thought I would like them. I put them on the kitchen bar end and then looked at what was in the little glass stand and it was Easter cookies (artificial) left from Easter. We left for Chicago shortly after so I never changed them. I have seasonal ones I keep in there. I had just bought fruit so grabbed a pear and put one in there. Thanks Sue I really do like them. They are me. You can see from the pics I have the book Sue & I made on display along with some other stuff. The guy with the hat on the end of the table is actually a lamp. He has an orange bulb inside. On the outside the ribbon around the pedestal is actually purple not blue.

I have been slowly working on my sewing room trying to unpack all my stuff and make some sense of all I bought down. I am working in my mind another quilt about Queen Victoria in all light colors and am anxious to get started but won't let myself even think of it until the house is in order. Somehow I did something and pulled a muscle in my side back and have been hobbling around half dopey and smelling of liniment. I am on some heavy muscle relaxents and I know they are working as it is gradually feeling better. This has made me slow down as it is too painful not to.
Hopefully by the weekend this should get better.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sorry to hear you've been hobbling - that's definitely no fun. Please take care. Sweet little fellows to add to your Halloween display!

Debra Spincic said...

Maybe sitting and stitching will make you feel better. The house can wait! (that's always my motto.)

Maggi said...

I do hope your pulled muscle gets better soon. Love the three little men.

Ellie said...

Welcome home to Mt. Dora. I moved here last year from Las Vegas. Take care, and who knows. Maybe we'll cross paths this winter.

Take care.

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Thankful for your safe travels and heal quickly.

crzy1carl. said...

Glad you're back here safely. Always love seeing what you have in your bell! See you soon.