Friday, July 15, 2011


and I don't mean me except weatherwise. We had a storm go through here early Mon. morning and by the time it was through, in just about an hour or so, over 800,000 places had lost their electricity. Well it is now Friday afternoon and they hope to have all back on by tonight. Can you imagine how much food was wasted in this week.
All I could think of were the food pantries who are crying for food and all the food thrown out in the garbage due to no electricity. We were very fortunate in that ours didn't even flicker. We had a lot of branches and leaves down but I just raked most of it into piles on the lawns and decks and our landscaper will take it when they come today. Thank goodness for the air conditioning being back as our weather forecast starts heating up around Sat. and goes from low 90's to high 90's by the end of the week. How did we ever survive before air conditioning? We will just stay in and stay cool. We both have enough hobbies to keep us busy so no problem.

I am in the midst of making a boho purse for myself and will show you when I get a little further along. My only qestion is do they interface them or not due to the fact they should be sort of slouchy. I may just put a light one on the lining. The actual fabric is a drapery weight chintz print that has a good weight to it plus the flap and all the weight on it. I am not putting too much trim on mine - just lace and one loopy fringe as befits a lady of my age group - ha ha. I did put a large doily on the back and folded it over and sewed around it so that it looks like a pocket. Sorta neat to look at. I am trying to decide if I want an over the shoulder strap or a longer one to go around the neck and hang. Will wait until it is done then decide.

I mentioned that my BIL was down from Toronto. After the ballgame between the Cubs and the Sox they were on their way back to the van when they came across a street party sponsored by BP and Pepsi to do with the Crossover game. My friends are always asking after Harv so here is a current pic of both of them. My Hubby is the one in the wheelchair. BIL looks great for a 81 year old guy.


Gina E. said...

I just read about your storms on Pam K's blog, she lost a heap of food too...
Nice to see you back in blogland. I was wondering where you were!

Rebecca said...

So glad your power stayed on, how awful to have to throw out all that food and worse yet not be able to get online... ha
Can't wait to see your purse, it sounds great.
Have a wonderful Saturday