Thursday, July 21, 2011


With all the heat I have been staying in the house and it has let me get some things finished. I had trouble trying to decide what I would put in the corners of the fairy lady from my butterfly quilt. I finally decided on beaded and sequined fans.
I put 2 large ones on the sides and 2 smaller ones on the top and bottom. I ripped the one large one out about 3 times trying to make the beads straighter but it was impossible. I finally said thats it and it is finished. I went to Hobby Lobby to buy 2 sets of stretcher bars and found a finished 20" square artist canvas stretched over the bars. Perfect. Yesterday with Harv's help I sewed 3" strips of black fabric all around the square and then stretched it over the frame. First I used the little pins we use on the poster board and hammered them in to hold it. Then with me pulling and Harv stapling we stapled the fabric to the back.(then I removed the poster pins). The hard part was keeping it to the 20" square so hopefully the black would only show on the sides. I think we did a decent job of it. The hard parts to get perfect were the areas where a lot of fabrics came together and you can see one or two a little higher but I decided again that it was as good as we could get it and just live with it.

I have it hung up in my sewing /studio room where the other 3 panels are hanging. I took down a small miniature quilt and just hung the pic up on those nails for now.
I took a closeup pic of one of the fans but beads and sequins are hard to photograph. Hope you like her.


Pat Winter said...

Beautiful piece Freda! It really turned out lovely!

Carol in Clermont said...

She's beautiful Freda. Thanks for calling today and catching me up on life in Chicago!

Cathy K said...

Absolutely divine, dear one! You do such lovely work! Hugs, Cathy

Ruby said...


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I do indeed like her! You must be so proud and happy to have it done and on the wall where you can look at her every day. Good for you!!