Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a quick note tonight as we are leaving in the morning and I still have things to finish. I was in one of Linda's swaps and it was to be a vintage brooch that could be worn on Mother's Day. I posted it off Tues. and they said it would arrive no later then Fri. so it is safe for me to show you now. Linda said you could send the brooch any way you wanted - in a corsage, in a hankie, etc. I had a bunch of baby shoes and chose that way. I wrapped around the top of the boot with some pretty old Irish crochet lace and glued it down. In the shoe I stuffed pink tissue and then pushed a pretty doily over the paper and had a small rhinestone on the top. I added pink ribbon to match the tissue and then added this rhinestone brooch from the flea market. After all it is going to a girl or lady so pink was appropriate.

I made a little tag to go with it and put this picture which I have used before and love. It was just the right size when just the face was needed. I hope my swap partner likes it. I sent her a note and said she doesn't have to wear the whole thing on Mother's Day - just remove the brooch. Little humor here.

I will receive mine on Mon. because I gave her my Il address and they are holding our mail up there all this past week and will deliver it on Monday.

I will probably be off for a little while while I unload the van, grocery shop, visit the dentist, both of us on different days for cleaning plus Harv has to go downtown to the Rehab. Institute for his annual checkup. On top of that Mon. I am heading over to my daughters and she is taking me to see their new house and they are moving May 20. They have had it for awhile so have been able to get new furniture delivered, take over tons of stuff so the movers will probably just have bare furniture to move. She is only moving about a mile or 2. Same schools for all 3 boys, same friends, same church and she is happy.

Take care and see you all next week.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Safe travels dear friend... Love your brooch!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Gorgeous brooch Freda and love the baby shoe - we never see them in junk shops here!
Hope you enjoy your trip home, it will be nice to see the family again.

Miss Sandy said...

What a delightful swap gift! I love your presentation. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

Plays with Needles said...

Good luck with all your activities and Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Freda!

Miss Gracie's House said...

That is darling!
Happy Mother's Day!

mercedes scott said...

Your idea to present your vintage brooch on a baby shoe was wonderful! So sweet... even your little tag was adorable! :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Oh Freda...LOVE the way you presented the brooch in a baby shoe...brilliant!!!!

Something Special said...

That little shoe with brooch attached is the most creative one yet that I have seen. I love it! So perfect for Mother's Day!

vintage brooches said...

Gorgeous vintage brooches, looks so beautiful.