Sunday, May 1, 2011


I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I last posted. I have been either very busy or very lazy. I did sit all Fri. afternoon and watched the Royal Wedding festivities that I tivod. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and especially at the beginning watching all the people coming into the Abby. The women were for the most part beautifuly dressed and some of the hats were gorgeous. Some a little too fanciful but I think even I who hates hats could wear one of these little tiny sideways ones. The bride was beautiful and so was her dress. Wouldn't we die for a piece of that lace to put on a crazy quilt. Well will just have to settle for the flea market stuff. Queen Elizabeth looked lovely in her outfit and really she looks great for 85.

Speaking of the flea market I did go over this morning with 3 watches in tow that needed batteries and had the 3 replaced for 9.50. You can tell that the snowbirds have gone or are going including the people themselves who sell there. It was very small outside but I did pick up a bunch of lace pieces, doilies, etc. I should have taken pics first but I just can't wait to get them into soaking first thing. I don't like bringing fabric home that can't go right into the soaking tub with some Biz. When they are soaked and dried I will snap some pics. I picked up 4 small glass candle holders for 1.50 for all 4. I use these to set my miniature violets in and place on the window ledge in the sunroom. More about these another day.

I am posting the pics of the almost finished infamous butterfly non-quilt. I made the 12 blocks into 3 long strips and just finished them with a 1/2" edging. The middle fairy I did add a lot of beading to the leaves, etc. Went around her outside wings with some silver lined glass ones and that added a lot. I picked up some black and white trim at the CQ Adventure and used this around the inside edge of the black. I dyed a couple of flowers pink and a couple violet to see what looked best and decided on the violet. When I started to go over the pink with violet I liked the look so that is what it ended up. Pink flowers with a little violet edging.
I showed it to my sewing group girls and they said they thought I needed something in the black sections also. Please see what you think and I will certainly appreciate any comments. I hope Gerry from Older Rose reads this because she is so good at that. I may send her an email and ask her to look and give me her thoughts.

We are winding down here and leaving for home next Sat. May 7. The weather is just beautiful the last few days in the 80's with a breeze and no humidity. This is what april should be not the 90's we were having. I have to start cleaning up the sewing room and see how much I can jam in the back of the van. What will not fit I will ship up home. I wonder what it would be like to not have any hobbies and just pack your clothes and take off. Even my hubby who doesn't take many clothes back and forth just leaves them in each house has his art supplies and large tackle box filled with painting stuff so I am not the only one. We take our laptops and leave our dell in the den and all other household stuff just stays. I have double in each place now.

If you click on the pics after opening them they will enlarge to see them better. Especially the long ones.


Debra Spincic said...

I agree that the black area is very stark left like it is now.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Freda
It looks beautiful to me, but then I'm not a CQ - yet!!!
I've been away from blogging for ages and just got back, it's nice to do the rounds this morning and see what everyone's up to.
Wishing you a safe trip home

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I hung my blocks I did from SharonB's colour challenge a few years ago in the same way and am glad I did. They look great hanging on the wall and I've had lots of compliments on them. Your 'non quilt' looks spectacular - I do so much like the black and purples.

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Hi Freda! Great minds must think alike ~ lol! I am working on a mini quilt right now that reminds me of yours! The colors arent the same but same idea ~ print in the middle trimmed in lace with crazy quilting at the sides.Have a Great week ~ it was so great seeing you in person at the CQA!

Gina E. said...

Your CQ work is gorgeous, Freda. I can't see where it could be improved, but I'm no expert either. I love the effect of the patchwork on black. I'd like to try that one day.
I have to admit to being puzzled about your remarks on going home. Where is home? I thought you were there!

Cindy Adkins said...

I think it all looks gorgeous, Freda! I used that fairy image last year for a piece and just love it--You and I have the same taste! Your work is simply BEAUTIFUL!


Alisa said...

So lovely, Freda!
I TiVoed the wedding and watched it later on Friday too... gorgeous!

Jillayne said...

Freda, they are all just stunning!
I clicked on each and every one and then just sat and drooled - such lovely work and what a neat way to finish them!
have a safe trip home and happy packing...

Lin Moon said...

I just love the way you embellished the "silkie", without touching the fairy...also the way the lace motifs are on opposite corners of the fairy. The CQ surrounding it is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...