Monday, November 23, 2009

It is about time I made a post on here. I think this is the longest I have gone without posting and hope never to be this long again. Part of it is because I have been in a stitching slump and can't seem to get going. Today I would like you to see stitching done by a very good friend of mine who is very talented. Barb & I met about 10-11 years ago when we moved into our house in Mt. Dora. We are the last house on our end of the steet and Barb was right in the middle of the cul-de-sac at the other end. When you come into Stonebridge you go either right or left. I went left and Barb went right. I can't remember how we met but we were kindred souls probably from the day we met. She invited me into the garden club which I joined and am still there. She also invited me into a small group of gals that meet every second Mon. morning from 10 - 12 to stitch, knit, just sit and talk, whatever. I am still in it and was there this morning. We lost a gal to cancer in the past year and lost Barb but one new gal entered our group.

Well I knew Barb was a little unhappy with this area and was itching to move on but I did not take her seriously until the day came that she said I was the first to know they were selling their house and moving to SC. Well that was in the days where you listed a house and it was sold in no time. Mind you Barb had a beautifully decorated house and I knew it would go fast. They lived here full time while we were snowbirds and that probably made the difference. I have never experienced a Florida 6 month 90 degree summer with high humidity. Well Barb moved and there went my shopping buddy, my sewing buddy, my best friend down here.

Well good friends do not lose touch and we haven't. When she left I gave her one of Trish Burr's beautiful books and look what she sent me via email a couple of weeks back. The pics are so gorgeous I thought they were pics out of the book until you see the little initials on the bottom. I am also enclosing the pic that Barb made for our 50th. anniversery this past summer. I had it with me this morning as the sewing gals wanted to see it plus the invitation my daughter had made. No one could believe that Barb made the embroidery by hand. It is just beautiful. I am going to make a journal next summer with all my beautiful cards and Barb's will be front and center. I think you will agree with me that this is a friend to brag on. By the way her name is Barbara Kitrel and she now resides in Simpsonville, SC.


Lottie said...

Absolutely beautiful

Gina E. said...

Exquisite work, Freda. Hope your daughters will keep this long after you and Harv have departed this Life. It really is heritage stuff.