Monday, September 29, 2014


Here are 2 more of the hexies.  I have roughly 12 made and completed with the black backing.  I have made another 30 or so that need to be embellished and finished.  I am working on trying to get all of them pieced before I leave for Florida so I do not have to take all the fabric with me.  Just the thin batting and black fabric.  The problem is I do not know how many I will need for a wallhanging until I get to Florida and see where it will hang.  I also have not done the featherstitching around them.  That will be great for sitting and stitching in florida in the sunroom.  Great light.

I am wandering my kitchen trying to shut doors that do not exist. I told Harv we are like trained monkeys used to things one way only.  I am doing a great clean out which has been long needed.  I wish I had taken some before pics so I could show you the after.  Will show you that anyway.

I have not pressed the edges after sewing down.  I am not sure if I should or if that would make it harder to fit into each other.  I laid out what I had made so far and they fit nicely.  So far so good.

I believe in my first post I said the hexies were like little works of art.  I did not mean that as such.  I meant that each one is like a little story in itself.  Just wanted to clear that up . Now to the sewing room to piece more.

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Maggi said...

I think they are beautiful little works of art and they are going to make a beautiful hanging.